I really enjoy playing together with Jonas "Jalle" Hjalmarsson! To be a tradition bearer is an important part of my integration as a musician and I often feel that it reaches its peak in this duo. Duo playing has been an essential part of both Swedish and Estonian traditional music and I am lucky enough to keep one's hand in this tradition today.

Tuulikki and Jonas share their deep interest for the traditional music from Sweden, especially for the exciting Orsa polska with its distinctive rhythms, wild Älvdalen tunes which are full of energy and nerve and finely crafted springleik’s from Västerdalarna. From there, they have found an interaction filled with curiosity and desire - “It worked immediately when we started to play together”.

Besides music from the rich traditional heritage in Sweden Tuulikki and Jonas also play new compositions, inspired by the tonality and rhythms of old dancing tunes. Their music is filled with playfulness and variation but it still leaves the listener with a feeling of flow and space. It is important for both musicians that the harmonies and accompaniment leave as much freedom as possible for playing the melody, especially when it comes to the tonality of older traditional music. Tuulikki has developed her own technique for adapting the fiddle tune ornaments, quarter tones and bowing strokes to her instrument. The result is enjoyable swinging music that is both danceable and heartfelt.


We do concerts, workshops in Swedish and Estonian traditional music and play to dance.

Tuulikki Bartosik - free bass accordion 

Jonas Hjalmarsson - fiddle