Estonian Folk Orchestra is my wild and unexpected musical dream which turned out as a joint project between myself, 33 young Estonian musicians and Swedish saxophonist and composer Jonas Knutsson.

I met Jonas during my studies in the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and was taken by his abilities to work with big groups and to make music from what is surrounding us. So when I started to work with EFO, he was the first person I had in mind to cooperate with. 

EFO is a dynamic mixture of different and unthinkable instruments and personalities. All musicians share their interest in traditional music playing and singing, melting the old melodies into modern versatile music. You can hear all kind of stories in EFOs music: some of the tunes are written down in traditional sheet arrangements, some are created from scratch in rehearsals and some are getting their final form during live performances. EFO makes music happen right in front of listeners eyes and ears and takes you to the musical wonderland you never new existed. 

EFOs CD Imemaa/Wonderland was released on the 25th of February 2014.

To order a copy, please email to

Members 2011-2014


Karoliina Kreintaal - fiddle, small Estonian kannel (D,G)

Lee Taul -  fiddle, small Estonian kannel (D,G)

Cathy Sommer -  fiddle, small Estonian kannel (D,G)

Sänni Noormets -  fiddle, voice, Jew's harp

Johanna-Adele Jüssi - fiddle

Liisa Koemets -  fiddle, small Estonian kannel (D,G)


Merike Paberits - Estonian bagpipes, flute

Säde Tatar - Estonian bagpipes, flute

Ulvi Võsa - Estonian bagpipes, sopransax, Jew's harp

Kristel Kutser - Estonian bagpipes, flute, Jew's harp

Jonas Knutsson - saxophones, guestleader of the orchestra

Leanne Barbo - Estonian bagpipes, goat horn, small Estonian kannel (D,G), voice

Mari Meentalo - flute, Jew's harp


Martin Müller - Estonian diatonic accordion (E,A,D,G), karmoshka in G, Em

Anne Lehtmäe - free-bass accordion

Tuulikki Bartosik - free-bass accordion, leader of the orchestra

Toomas Oks - accordion, Estonian diatonic accordion (F,C,G,D)

Kristi Kool - Estonian diatonic accordion

Juhan Uppin - Estonian diatonic accordion


Tõnis Kirsipu

Martin Aulis/Karl Markus Kohv


Hans Mihkel Vares - guitar

Villu Talsi - guitar, mandoline

Ragnar Toompuu - guitar

Kaisa Nõges - Bohemian harp

Kadri Lepasson - small Estonian kannel (D,G)

Ann Maria Piho - small Estonian kannel (D,G)

Lisandra Roosioja - small Estonian kannel  (D,G)

Taavet Niller - double bass

Mati Tubli - electrical bass


Maili Metssalu

Tiina Lõhmus 

Mihkel Roolaid - small Estonian kannel (G)


Kaur Kenk

Rainer Koik