Tuulikki & Hannah in Studio Felin Fach, Wales, photo by Natalie Hemingway

Tuulikki & Hannah in Studio Felin Fach, Wales, photo by Natalie Hemingway

Hannah & Tuulikki at Stepping Stones festival in 2015

Hannah & Tuulikki at Stepping Stones festival in 2015

Tuulikki Bartosik Feat. Vanessa Massera


Having met in Estonia 2016, Tuulikki Bartosik and Vanessa Massera bring with them a creative world in which they inspire one another. Together, they create unique music resulting from a free-flowing exploration of sound. Tuulikki’s compositions,  imaginative and expressive playing is transformed by Vanessa’s lavish use of immersive environmental elements. They have previously worked together in Omega 3 project in Mooste, South Estonia, mixing sounds from accordion, Estonian zither, voice and field recordings on the site with Tuulikkis live performance in an old seed sorting factory.  

International collaboration is a powerful source of musical and artistic innovation and a strong catalyst for research. This is where Tuulikkis and Vanessas fields of work meet a serendipitous intersection. A musician with extended knowledge of musical traditions and folklore seeking to actualise and appropriate her knowledge to her contemporary life and a state-of-the-art music technology composer looking for roots and traditions in her own field of work.  From this their work stems the desire to collaborate via the common theme of ‘roots’ and ‘evolving spaces’ towards the exploration of sound and its meaning..

Tuulikki and Vanessa represented Estonia at the Euroradio Folk Festival in Moscow in 2018.


Tuulikki Bartosik & Hannah James

Two women - two accordions, voices and feet. A powerful duo loaded with female energy and the joy of playing together.

Tuulikki Bartosik - free-bass accordion, voice

Hannah James - accordion, voice, clogging

Read about the duoalbum Chatterbox released in 2016

Against expectations Chatterbox is one of the freshest and in its quiet way one of the most spectacular albums I have heard this year. Ranging from incantatory to reflective, it is always subtle, vital, and feminine in the most elementary sense of the word. Bartosik and James look to have created an entirely new platform for the accordion, but more importantly the have created a beautiful set of recordings.

- Thomas Blake, FolkRadioUK

English accordionist Hannah James (also credited for clogging) has teamed up with Estonian/Swedish counterpart Tuulikki Bartosik (free bass accordion, voice, metallophone) for Chatterbox, and their musical affinity is clear. Some of the tracks, including the sweet Cave Calm, were recorded in an actual cave. The traditional Swedish composition Leksands Brudmarsch is sweet and what's not to like about a song with the title Walk of the Naughty Accordions. An evocative album, including the lovely cover artwork by Coucou.

-Martin Chilton, The Telegraph

Have to admit, I've never before mastered something that has been played in an actual spacious cave where you can hear the water dripping in the background. A special treat for me definitely! You can hear the end result in the track called "Cave" so give it a listen.

- Minerva Pappi, mastering engineer, Chartmakers

"There’s a refreshingly joyful musical relationship at the heart of the new album Chatterbox, by accordionists Hannah James and Estonian/Swedish musician Tuulikki Bartosik. Two women known in their respective countries for resisting the confines of musical tradition, they’ve created a piece of work which is bold, exciting and completely original. Showcasing the accordion’s versatility through assured musical interplay, improvisation and new compositions, and marked by a genuine sense of adventure, this is not like any accordion album you’ve ever heard."

- Joanie Crump, director of the Headland Folk Festival, UK

"What started as a dream for Hannah and Tuulikki became a stunning reality when they made their debut at the Gower Folk Festival 2014. Two great accordion players, they treated us to a feast of fantastic musicianship, lovely soulful singing and astounding clogging! They quite simply blew us away!"
-Joy Toole, Artistic Director Gower Folk Festival

"All too soon it's over, like a good meal, you lean back, sigh and wish you could do it all again."

- Ian Cripps, Fatea, live

Upa-upa trio

Mari Kalkun - vocals, Estonian zithers (kannel), accordion, videotape, plastic bag

Tuulikki Bartosik - free-bass accordion, vocals, metallophone, melodica, bubble wrap, conduit tube

Pastacas (alias RamoTeder) -  backpacer guitar, mandolin, guitar, flute, bowed harp (Hiiu kannel), foot stomp, vocals, electronics 

Upa-upa Trio plays simple and joyful music in one of the world’s oldest languages. Mystical soundscapes, funny stories and archaic chainsongs are showing the way to the rhythms of the somewhat secret Võru language. Estonian singer-songwriter Mari Kalkun, multi-instrumentalist /electronic musician Pastacas and accordionist Tuulikki Bartosik let the music flow freely. The songs are mostly original compositions, but include also some traditional tunes from South Estonia. Mari’s mellow voice and zither, Tuulikki’s shimmering free-bass accordion and Pastacas’ rough mandolin, guitar and bowed harp create a sound, which is contemporary, yet archaic and tied to its roots.  With a playful attitude, they conjure strange sounds from traditional instruments and found objects, such as bubble wrap, crackling videotape and a toolbox. This inspires the listener to recognize music all around in everyday life. The album is especially enjoyable for children.

“Upa-Upa Ubinakõnõ” (‘Hop-hop Little Apple’) was released in 2015 by Võru Institute. The album was chosen to the top 50 list of the best Estonian albums  year 2015 by Estonian Public Broadcasting. Initially written for children, the album got a warm reception from Estonian media and audiences of all ages, at home and elsewhere. It is a good example of modern Estonian folk music and traditions kept alive.

Read more about the album “Upa-Upa Ubinakõnõ” 

Photo by Eva Karlsson

Photo by Eva Karlsson

Concert in the art studio of Palestinian artist Hind Orfali in Sollentuna, Larslunda, Sweden Tuulikki Bartosik - free bass accordion Jonas Hjalmarsson - fiddle
EFO in Berlin Konzerthaus 2018

EFO in Berlin Konzerthaus 2018

Estonian Folk Orchestra in Berlin 2018

Estonian Folk Orchestra in Berlin 2018

Tuulikki Bartosik & Jonas Hjalmarsson

To be a tradition bearer is an important part of my integration as a musician and I often feel that it reaches its peak in this duo. Duo playing has been an essential part of both Swedish and Estonian traditional music and I am lucky enough to keep one's hand in this tradition today.

Tuulikki and Jonas share their deep interest for the traditional music from Sweden, especially for the exciting Orsa polska with its distinctive rhythms, wild Älvdalen tunes which are full of energy and nerve and finely crafted springleik’s from Västerdalarna. From there, they have found an interaction filled with curiosity and desire - “It worked immediately when we started to play together”.

Besides music from the rich traditional heritage in Sweden Tuulikki and Jonas also play new compositions, inspired by the tonality and rhythms of old dancing tunes. Their music is filled with playfulness and variation but it still leaves the listener with a feeling of flow and space. It is important for both musicians that the harmonies and accompaniment leave as much freedom as possible for playing the melody, especially when it comes to the tonality of older traditional music. Tuulikki has developed her own technique for adapting the fiddle tune ornaments, quarter tones and bowing strokes to her instrument. The result is enjoyable swinging music that is both danceable and heartfelt.

The duo does concerts, workshops in Swedish and Estonian traditional music and play to dance.

Estonian Folk Orchestra

Estonian Folk Orchestra is a wild and unexpected musical dream which turned out as a joint project between Tuulikki Bartosik, 33 young Estonian musicians and Swedish saxophonist and composer Jonas Knutsson.

EFO is a dynamic mixture of different and unthinkable instruments and personalities. All musicians share their interest in traditional music playing and singing, melting the old melodies into modern versatile music. You can hear all kind of stories in EFOs music: some of the tunes are written down in traditional sheet arrangements, some are created from scratch in rehearsals and some are getting their final form during live performances. EFO makes music happen right in front of listeners eyes and ears and takes you to the musical wonderland you never new existed. 

EFOs CD Imemaa/Wonderland was released on the 25th of February 2014.

To order a copy, please email to

From 2018 EFO performs in a chamber  orchestra setting.
Sänni Noormets - fiddle
Lee Taul - fiddle
Martin Müller - Estonian diatonic accordion
Juhan Uppin - Estonian diatonic accordion
Kadri Lepasson - Estonian zithers
Karoliina Kreintaal - fiddle
Merike Paberits - flute/Estonian bagpipe, jews harp
Martin Aulis - percussion
Cathy Sommer - fiddle
Mati Tubli - bass guitar
Leanne Barbo - Estonian bagpipe
Säde Tatar - flute, jews har

Jonas Knutsson - saxophones, leader

Tuulikki Bartosik - free-bass accordion, leader

Members 2011-2014 


Karoliina Kreintaal Lee Taul Cathy Sommer Sänni Noormets Johanna-Adele Jüssi Liisa Koemets


Merike Paberits Säde Tatar Ulvi Võsa Kristel Kutser Jonas Knutsson Leanne Barbo Mari Meentalo


Martin Müller Anne Lehtmäe Tuulikki Bartosik Toomas Oks Kristi Kool Juhan Uppin


Tõnis Kirsipu Martin Aulis/Karl Markus Kohv


Hans Mihkel Vares Villu Talsi Ragnar Toompuu Kaisa Nõges Kadri Lepasson Ann Maria Piho Lisandra Roosioja Taavet Niller Mati Tubli


Maili Metssalu Tiina Lõhmus Mihkel Roolaid


Kaur Kenk Rainer Koik