Tuulikki Bartosik - free bass accordion 

Timo Alakotila piano

Villu Talsi - mandolin, guitar/Dylan Fowler - guitar

Visuals by VJ Solaris

Storied Sounds program can be played in duo or in trio, with or without visuals.

The album Storied sounds was released under the independent label RootBeatRecords in March 2016, by German label Nordic Notes and Japanese label Metacompany in 2017.

´In Tuulikki’s music you feel like you have entered a warm large room which is filled with sounds and lights and you can actually almost see the forest from the window.`

- Mari Kalkun, Estonian singersongwriter

´Storied Sounds’ from Tuulikki Bartosik - fascinating melange of music and sound. (...) Whether these tacks evoke memories or prompt imaginings doesn’t really matter, what matters is the ability of this album to take you places ... back to a past or forward into a future and that’s certainly achieved.`

- Tim Carroll, FolkWords (April 11, 2016)

´Tuulikki Bartosikin musiikki onkin kuin tie tunnelmallisiin, vaikuttaviin, tärkeisiin hetkiin. Konserttia kuunnellessa, ennalta annettujen sanoitusten häiritsemättä, kuuntelija matkustaa maailmoihinsa, katselemaan oman elämänsä videoklippejä ja pysäytyskuvia vuosien takaa.`

- Sanna Immanen, Viro Instituutti


"Storied Sounds" release at Tallinn Music Week 2016