Tuulikki Bartosik feat. Vanessa Massera


SOUNDCLOUD photo.jpg


Having met in Estonia 2016, Tuulikki Bartosik and Vanessa Massera bring with them a creative world in which they inspire one another. Together, they create unique music resulting from a free-flowing exploration of sound. Tuulikki’s compositions,  imaginative and expressive playing is transformed by Vanessa’s lavish use of immersive environmental elements. They have previously worked together in Omega 3 project in Mooste, South Estonia, mixing sounds from accordion, Estonian zither, voice and field recordings on the site with Tuulikkis live performance in an old seed sorting factory.  

International collaboration is a powerful source of musical and artistic innovation and a strong catalyst for research. This is where Tuulikkis and Vanessas fields of work meet a serendipitous intersection. A musician with extended knowledge of musical traditions and folklore seeking to actualise and appropriate her knowledge to her contemporary life and a state-of-the-art music technology composer looking for roots and traditions in her own field of work.  From this their work stems the desire to collaborate via the common theme of ‘roots’ and ‘evolving spaces’ towards the exploration of sound and its meaning..