The Estonian accordion experimentator Tuulikki Bartosik is a brilliant and versatile musician and songwriter whose creations combine nature and stories related to life, different places and the warmth of being human. Her innovative, fresh and vivid original creations have been compared to both Eric Satie's neoclassical works and Philip Glass's 70's hypnotic and minimalist music. Using the acoustic free bass accordion and wordless occasional vocals, Tuulikki makes the listener reflect on the deeper layers of life and being. Her new solo album will be released in Europe and Japan in autumn 2019. During the concert season 2019-2020 Tuulikki will perform in Estonia, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Japan.

Live concert reviews

´From tunes rooted in the Scandinavian musical tradition to Finnish and Hungarian melodies, Bartosik's style of folk is fresh and melodically rich with a vibrancy that feels unique to her realm of performance.`

´Bartosik blends the traditional with the experimental, with small phrases and her occasional wordless vocal accompaniment providing unexpected surges of emotion. The character and feeling that she injects into her compositions and arrangements allows for a renewed appreciation of the accordion as a contemporary instrument.`

Arusa Qureshi, The List

'If you want something gentler, it's worth paying attention to Estonian accordion player Tuulikki Bartosik - without hearing it, you wouldn't believe that the accordion can sound so different and follow stories, from baby cradles to stories about Japan and melting snow. Refreshment for the ears - and it would sound great even on the scene of any alternative music festival.’

Ramūnas Zilnys, LRT.lt

´Gradually filling the space with polyphony, this music narrates at the same time about the eternal and fleeting. In the sound vibrations of an accordion, the intonations of ancient Võrumaa chants and changeable motifs in the spirit of the neoclassical works of Eric Satie are captured.`

Ирина ШТРЕЙС, Zvuki.ru

´The accordionist Tuulikki Bartosik eschews digital effects to construct a complex, enfolding sound-world with the hypnotic quality of Philip Glass’s arrangements for his early Seventies band.`

Kieron Tyler, The Arts Desk