This is my solo project consisting music which has grown in me and with me during the last 20 years. 

When I met piano player and composer Timo Alakotila in 1995, we immediately started to enjoy playing together. He has been a great teacher, friend and a source of inspiration to me. Together with another long time friend Villu Talsi, a great mandolin player from Estonia, we are spreading my musical thoughts in our collaboration.

Tuulikki Bartosik - free bass accordion 

Timo Alakotila - piano

Villu Talsi - mandolin, guitar

Storied Sounds program can be played solo, in duo or in trio, with or without visuals.

The album Storied sounds was released under the independent label RootBeatRecords in March 2016, by German label Nordic Notes and Japanese label Metacompany in 2017.

Storied Sounds is the debut solo album by Estonian accordion player Tuulikki Bartosik. Inspired by childhood summers by the Baltic Sea, forest rambles, dark Scandinavian winters and even relics of the former Soviet landscape, Storied Sounds is a series of sketches of the places and people that have formed Tuulikki’s journey. Incorporating field recordings of birdsong, murmuring rivers, abrasive seagull cries and even the growl of the city, Storied Sounds creates a vivid context for music that is by turns robust, joyous, and wistful.

- Joan Crump, director of the Hartlepool Folk Festival

One of the joys of this record is that it demonstrates that musical traditions are effectively pointless if they do not evolve or are never brought to new audiences. In the same way that the idea of home could not exist without the possibility of travel, tradition means nothing without evolution. Storied Sounds encapsulates this concept with breathtaking simplicity and vibrancy.

- Thomas Blake, FolkRadioUK

There's little doubting Bartosik's credentials as a highly imaginative and expressive accordion player, yet in the case of STORIED SOUNDS, it's the inventiveness of the musical arrangements, together with the use of atmospheric field recordings that brings these thirteen pieces of music alive; a meeting of music and nature so beautifully captured and encapsulated in just under an hour.

- Alan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Magazine

”In Tuulikki’s music you feel like you have entered a warm large room which is filled with sounds and lights and you can actually almost see the forest from the window.”

- Mari Kalkun, Estonian singersongwriter

The traditionally rooted accordion player Tuulikki Bartosik winningly showcases the serial music nature of polka.

- Kieron Tyler, The Arts Desk

(… )And the trait of using old and new sound forms with what must feel like an omnipresent natural world is shot through Estonian modern-classical and folk like a silver thread. Sets by lively, empathic folk artist Tuulikki Bartosik, the lunatic, sinister toytronica of Grateful Däd, and the wonderful, sweeping “Mahlerian” melodies conjured up by electronic noise artist Henri Hütt nodded to unseen natural forces in their own unique ways.- Richard Foster, The Quietus'Storied Sounds’ from Tuulikki Bartosik - fascinating melange of music and sound. (...) Whether these tacks evoke memories or prompt imaginings doesn’t really matter, what matters is the ability of this album to take you places ... back to a past or forward into a future and that’s certainly achieved.- Tim Carroll, FolkWords (April 11, 2016)


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"Storied Sounds" release at Tallinn Music Week 2016