You can order this album by writing an email to

You can order this album by writing an email to

Storied Sounds is a beautifully-composed love letter to the Estonian landscapes of Tuulikki’s childhood, to more recent adventures, and to family and friends.  


There is a glimmering vividness in these tracks. Pulsating cities, screeching seagulls, fishes flapping in nets, the smell of the forest in autumn and spring...all of these things, and more, are depicted powerfully in their reflective tunescapes. Ambient field recordings made in Estonia infuse several pieces, enhancing their already strong sense of place.

Storied Sounds evokes an elemental point where nature, memory and music converge.

Tuulikki says, “We transfer our traditions to each other, take our world with us wherever we go, and we take something with us from every place we visit, every person we meet.”

Tuulikki Bartosik - free bass accordion, voice, metallophone, all compositions

Timo Alakotila - piano

Villu Talsi - mandolin

Dylan Fowler - guitar

Released under the independent UK label RootBeatRecords,  under the German label Nordic Notes and Japanese label Metacompany.

Track list

1. Daniels polska 05:06

2. November/Rõuge river in November/Rõuge jõgi novembris/Fireplace/kaminatuli 03:14

3. Tormilind/Seagull/Seagulls in the Baltic/ Balti mere kajakad 05:30

4. Time?/Aeg? /Nybrokajen,Stockholm 03:43

5. Leo slängpolska/Spring in Rõuge/Rõuge kevad 06:25

6. Calling in Rõuge/Rõuge hõiked 01:19

7. Theo the Tiger/Theo valss 04:27

8. Josefins vaggvisa 08:54

9. Zeltini secrets/Zeltini saladused 00:55

10. Orsa 03:43

11. Moon salutation/Tervitus kuule 04:23 

12. To Hannah&Ben 03:05

13. Karins brudpolska 04:27

Total time 55:09

Recorded in Estonian Radio by Siim Mäesalu & in Stiwdio Felin Fach by Dylan Fowler, field recordings made by Tuulikki Bartosik, John Grzinich & Simon Whetham in the collaboration project Active Crossover in Mooste, Estonia

Artwork by Krõõt Kukkur

Mixed by Rainer Koik

Mastered by Minerva Pappi