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You can order this album by sending an email to


Latsilaulu võro keelen

Children songs in võru language

Võro Instituut 2015




This album is a collaboration between Võro Instituut, Mari Kalkun, Ramo Teder and Tuulikki Bartosik. Songs represented on the album are  mostly newly written by the musicians, some of them have old traditional texts but some are also old traditional songs from Võrumaa.  "Upa-upa ubinakõnõ" contains simple and joyful melodies with some exceptions to slower and contemplative tunes. This is the third children album released by Võro Instituut - the place where old võru language is kept alive in our modern society. 

“The Võro language is linguistically the central part of the South Estonian language. South Estonian was one of seven Balto-Finnic ancient dialects (Western Finnic, North Estonian, South Estonian, Livonian, Votian/Votic, Old Karelian, Old Vepsian) and is for comparative linguistics one of ten contemporary Balto-Finnic languages. Those ten include Finnish, Estonian, South Estonian, Livonian, Votian/Votic, Izhorian, White Sea Karelian (North Karelian), Olonets Karelian Ludian, and Vepsian. According to sociolinguistic criteria there are even more Balto-Finnic languages (e.g. Tornedalian Finnish, Kven), but the distinction of those ten is reasonable in terms of lingua-historical developments.”  Evar Saar  Read the whole article

"It is a special occasion for me to sing in võru language, as a part of my childhood was spent with my võru language speaking grandparents in Võru and Rõuge. I am really happy collaborate with Mari and Ramo and to work towards preserving our special language in music!" Tuulikki Bartosik

1. Upa-upa ubinakõnõ (Mari Kalkun / perimüs, Mari Kalkun) 3:22

2. Suvi (Mari Kalkun / Milvi Panga) 3:13

3. Tsuutelli-luutelli (Linda Kalkun / Linda Kalkun) 2:16

4. Lõvijaht (Tuulikki Bartosik / Mariko Faster, Tuulikki Bartosik) 4:44

5. Rätsep Rasinalt (Rahvalaul Räpinä kihlkunnast, vahemäng Tuulikki Bartosik ”Mälutaguse polka") 2:38

6. Tsirr-virr, lõokõnõ (Rahvalaul) 1:13

7. Tetermats (Lauri Sommer / rahvaluulõ, Lauri Sommer) 1:52

8. Kikkasiin (Mari Kalkun / Kadri Ann Madismäe) 1:58

9. Võiuhain (Ramo Teder / Jan Rahman) 2:04

10.Sõit-sõit tsõdsõlõ (Rahvalaul) 0:20

11. Laanõtands (Mari Kalkun) 4:14

12. Kell üts (Ramo Teder / rahvaluulõ) 2:06

13. Rahapada (Mari Kalkun / Milvi Panga) 2:05

14. Siilikõnõ pallõl siiga (Mari Kalkun / Milvi Panga) 2:06

15. Mis om suurõ järve takan (Jan Rahman, Mari Kalkun / Jan Rahman) 3:59

16. Talvinõ unõlaul (Mari Kalkun / Jan Rahman) 4:21

17. Jalgu all veerüs päiv (Tuulikki Bartosik / Mari Kalkun, Jan Rahman) 3:13

Mari Kalkun - voice, 7-string Estonian zither (1,3,15), 12-string Estonian zither (2,14), accordion (11,16), tambourine(13), voice effects (4,8), steps on videotape (4)

Tuulikki Bartosik - free-bass accordion, voice, conduit, work gear box, bubble wrap, voice & water effects (4,16), melodica (8) metallophone/percussion (16)

Ramo Teder - backbacker guitar (1,4), guitar (2,3,9,10,12,14), flute (11,14), bowed lyre (3,7,8), foot stomp (3,11,13), voice, mandolin (5), body percussion & voice effects (4,8,12), digital effects, nature recordings


Viive Must - voice (3)

Lauri Sommer - voice, dictaphone, arrangement (7)

Liidi Sommer - voice (7) 

Patrick McGinley - spoons (11)

Jan Rahman - voice (12)

Artwork by Finnish artist Piia Lehti, layout by Johanna-Adele Jüssi